Schematic components not included in the BOM

Is it possible to have a schematic component that is flagged to not be included in the BOM?
I have some specific symbols that are linked to certain footprints (like PCB spark gaps, silkscreen logos) that I want to be in the schematic (as the Netlist will ensure they will be included in the PCB) but are “virtual” components. I don’t need some PCB sparkgaps or silkscreen logos included in my BOM, anyway.
Any known solution, other than post-processing the BOM?

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You can achieve this if you put a ‘#’ in front of the ref des.

Did not know the “#” trick. However in the link mentioned, there’s an information that the part will also be excluded from the PCB (which is important for my Spark gaps and Logos). I want these in the PCB (as it uses certain Footprints) but don’t want these in my BOMs (as I get them almost for free with my PCBs).

Add a separate field to these components that marks them as “not really a component” then you can either adapt an existing BOM script to ignore them or simply ignore them in the resulting file. (To be honest i would go with the later as it really is not worth investing time in such things in my opinion. I simply would not assign them a part number meaning my order system would ignore them anyways.)

If you mark their footprints as virtual they will be excluded from the pos file (which is used for automatic assembly) So no worry here.

I find all suggested solutions to be kludgy workarounds and the OP’s question very valid. Have dealt with this issue myself (I use a BOM script workaround but don’t like non-standard solutions that can be broken by an update). It seems like a standard PCB software package function and deserving of an implementation / change/ feature request.

PCB-only parts such as

  • mounting holes
  • test points
  • spark gaps
  • silk screen logos
  • solder jumpers

are very different from parts where I do not want the assembly to put components on, such as optional pull-up / pull-down resistors etc. Those I currently mark as ‘DNP’ or 'NOSTUFF" in the BOM and the assembly house can work with that.

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