Schematic cache problem. I think

After I’ve got at Saturday the info how to do via stitching I thought I know enough to start my first KiCad PCB.
My condition was if till Monday I will have enough symbols and footprints I’ll do it with KiCad, if not I’ll have to do it with my old Protel.

I have failed at something I didn’t expect any problems.
Few days ago I’ve done MmR.lib containing one element R. I don’t remember how I’ve done it but it works correct.
Yesterday I exported that R creating new MmC.lib, modified its name to C and its drawing. I found I have two elements there so I’ve deleted the R. This C works for me correct.
Then I’ve opened the element D (diode) from KiCad device lib (I will call it KiCad diode) and exported it creating the new MmSemi.lib. I’ve modified its drawing (I will call it my diode).
MmSemi.lib contains one element D - all parameters are as in KiCad device lib except the drawing.

And here problems started. I can’t put my diode on schematic. When I click the tool to put new element and then click anywhere on the sheet I’ve window to select element. I select MmSemi and under it that D. In preview I see my diode, but when I click OK I end with KiCad diode to put on the schematic. I supposed that may be the diode had DeMorgan and I’ve modified only one picture, but my diode in MmSemi has no DeMorgan. Than I supposed may be somewhere in RAM it remembers the old view so I switch of/on the computer and nothing helped. As it was 2:30 I given up and went sleeping.

Today I supposed the schematic remembers the element so I opened the other project (created few days ago empty page) (I had to add MmSemi to its lib list) and it works the same. I’ve also created the new project but it didn’t helped.

Under Protel when I modify the element in schematic library, and old element was on the schematic I can also have such problems. I have two solutions there:

  • in schematic lib editor I have button “Update schematics” and that element is updated at all currently opened schematics,
  • when I delete the old element (all instances of that element) from schematic, and close the schematic and close the Protel than Protel forgets that old element for this schematic.

In KiCad I don’t know of first method, and second doesn’t work (there is no diode on schematic). What is the third method I don’t know?

Step by step from switching on computer:

  • run KiCad (my test project opens),
  • run Lib Editor - empty page,
  • open MmSemi.lib,
  • load the only element D - I see my diode,
  • close Lib Editor,
  • open schematic editor,
  • add element - select D from MmSemi - I see my diode,
  • click OK - surprise - I have KiCad diode,
  • Escape (if I put it the KiCad diode is put at the schematic),
  • close schematic editor,
  • run Lib Editor - next surprise I at once see KiCad diode,
  • I still have MmSemi selected so I can load D from It and I see my diode.

What is going on?


Hehe, welcome to the ‘first lib in schematic library list stomps out any other’-feature of EEschema.
You’re not the first and wont be the last to experience this WTF moment.
It’s supposed to be solved with KiCAD v5, so no need to run back to Protel just yet.
To solve this now, rename your custom symbol to something unique.

Thanks Joan,

Now I understand (al least partially :slight_smile: ).
I was reading Kicad documentation (and looking other info) more than half year ago and now I think I’ve probably seen that info somewhere but forgot. If in preview he would also show the first element with that name found in libraries than it would be less confusing, I suppose.

I have planned to make drawings first and then decide if each diode should be separate element or the alias of D. I’d like to have default footprint for each element and at that moment I don’t know if aliases have (its not a question - I will check myself).

As we have Monday and I have no my symbols and footprints ready and have no time I have to run back to Protel :(.
I hope to find time to prepare my KiCad libs for next PCB need, but I had the same hope half year ago, and I felt in new EMC, LVD and RED for long time.
So… when KiCad 5.0 is expected :slight_smile: