Schematic association

I have been working on a development project for quite a while. It’s a moving target. I decided to make a major change in the layout, while the schematic will stay the same. I saved my brd file under a new name and started experimenting with my new ideas. In the end I was happy with the changes I made, but the original schematic, despite no changes, is no longer linked. I’d like to get the two in sync again so I can make some wiring changes. Suggestions? Thanks - bdh

Are you sure the file ending is really brd? If kicad ever used this ending then it is a very outdated version.

Could you clarify this? (how do you determine it is not “linked”?)

Hah! You’re right. I don’t recall why I thought of a .brd extension. It’s been a while since I’ve used Eagle.

I have not tried to associate them yet. While the file name is different, there are no changes of the .sch file. There is no obvious like. If you click on a footprint in pcbnew, the corresponding symbol doesn’t light up. I thought of making a renamed copy of the schematic but there doesn’t appear to be an obvious way to do that.

I did go so far as to look at the “update pcb from schematic” button, and of course it says the .sch file with the same name does not exist. Do you want to create it?" I said no .

Thanks for your help.


Probably looks for the same basename for the schematic. Couldn’t you rename the old layout to a backup name and rename the new layout to the original name, to have same basename as the schematic?

Thought of that. I will try it when I get time. Thanks!

Both the root sheet of the schematic and the board file must share the same filename. (and a few other files also need this same name)

I renamed the files and it worked! Thanks for the advice.

Yep. See above. Thanks for all your help, Rene!

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