Schematic and Symbol Editor won't open [Solved]

I cannot get the Symbol or Schematic Editor to run on version 6. Everything else works. Any suggestions that could be provided would be greatly appreciated. More details are below.

The schematic and Symbol Editor both fail to open and error windows appear. The error messages are:
Error 1

Error 2

I’ve tried both the *-i686.exe and *-x86_64.exe versions from the nightly builds from the past several days. The same problem occurs.

Windows 10

Additional Info:
All other applications run (PCB Editor, Footprint Editor, Gerber Viewer, et cetera).

I’ve tried uninstalling everything (including the MS Visual C++ Redistributable), restarting, and re-installing without success.

My version 5 of KiCad runs fine.

Could it be related to the link below?

Thanks, but I don’t think so. I’ve tried several downloads and the same problem persists.

I’m having the software crash either. KiCad continues to run, just those 2 apps won’t open.

The link sent by @paulvdh agrees what I was thinking. (I am no expert.) Why not try un-installing and removing any previous downloads. Then install the 64 bit 5.99 version (that is what I use…I can remember some more minor issue once when I installed the 686 version by mistake.) I run Windows 10 on a very run-of-the-mill 2014 vintage laptop with 8G of RAM. BTW I run the “lite” installers. But I will not buy lite beer.

I don’t have 5.1.x installed on my office machine but I have been trying 5.99 on it for couple of months. one weekly update for the nightly directly overwriting previous install showed no issue.
But when 6.0rc1 came I deliberately un-installed 5.99 removed all the data from C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\kicad and then installed fresh nightly with 6.0rc1. I don’t have crashing issues.
KiCad does implement version separate folders now but having known previous lib-table related issues, I felt this extra effort was better. I did note the new theme and packages related new files present in userdata folder.

edited userdata folder path

I finally got it working. The solution was in line with your suggestions: Uninstall all versions of KiCad, go through the folders and make sure everything was deleted, then reinstall.

Thanks, everyone!