Schematic and PCB layout seem to be unlinked?

Hi there all,

Been working on a schematic for a number of hours and after a few saves the program crashed and after I reloaded the autosave as it was the only file that would load my schematic and PCB are no longer “linked” ie, when i make changes to the schematic there is no longer the option to load those changes to the PCB to update. Is there a way to fix this without having to delete the PCB file and start over? Not sure if attaching file folders would help anyone with diagnostics but i can if it will.

using Kicad 7.0

Thanks in advace

Do the schematic and layout files still have the same base name? If you’re working on a backup then they might be different.

As far as i can tell they have the same file name yea, the V01 in the file tree was there before i started having issues so i dont think thats the issue.

Maybe archive the project and upload if it’s not confidential so people can try to replicate the problem.

Also to be able to use the linking the programs should be invoked from the project menu, not from the standalone individual programs.

Its a personal project, just would rather not have to re-do all of it so none of its confidential. Heres the archive
Gecko SOM with serial and (408.1 KB)

I’ve open your files and everything is working.
I’ve double clicked (in the file explorer) on Gecko SOM with serial and Memory.kicad_pro,
so the project was open in my kicad v7.0.5
Then in the project windows I’ve clicked on Gecko SOM with serial and Memory.kicad_sch
Then in the schematic editor in the tool menu, I’ve clicked on update pcb from schematic, and the pcb was opened and updated

Got it, from your screen capture you didn’t open the proper project file.
You have open the project for the V01 file, and not “Gecko SOM with serial and Memory.kicad_pro”

If you don’t open the proper project file, then when you click on the schematic it is open in stand alone mode and not in project mode.

Also, I’m a bit surprised, that you don’t have any caps on the leg of your crystal.
I didn’t find the proper datasheet for your chip.
But on a screen capteur of another board you can clearly see some caps near the crystals

I re named the file for the project and the schematic file and that did seem to work. as far as the caps on the crystals, the 12Mhz doesnt need any although thank you for checking me on the other two i missed that on my first design through

also thank you for the help and not berating. The simple things that get forgotten on a first run is usually why things dont work

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Hi, no problem. Hope you board works fine.

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