Schematic and board layout as template


I’ve designed a schematic and board layout I want to use as starting point for other PCB’s. This contains the power connector, voltage regulator and microprocessor. The board outline is specific to the case I will use.

How to save this project sa that I can reuse it in subsequent projects, which extends on the basic layout?



See the documentation for creating templates. Basically, you need to create a meta directory which contains info.html and icon.png.


Hi ppelleti,

Thanks for your answer. This was just what I’m looking for and it works as I expected !!


Another question re this topic: If I change something in the original template schematic and/or board layout, is this automatic propagated to all the projects derived from the template? Is there a specific ommand to do so (updating the projects with the new template)?

Thanks in advance,


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