Schema editor crashing even on blank project

Greetings all,

New user here. I’ve gotten fairly far in my board design through to the layout stage. Almost set but found I needed to make a change in the schema editor. When I try to go to the schematic KiCAD stops responding. Wondering if I corrupted my files I started a new blank project and the schematic editor locks there too on launch.

Not sure what the issue is. In other tools I’d clear a cache or check logs. Not sure where that would be here. I’m on windows 10 running KiCad 5.1.9. I have the Digikey library and a custom library for the Arduino Nano 33 iot. Any assistance would be appreciated.

No messages at all?

There are several 5.1.9 crashes fixed in the Testing Builds

Always report crashes to the issue tracker.

If we don’t get the report, the bug never gets fixed.

Just a “Not responding” message. The nightly build is doing the same. I’m wondering if there is a corrupt setting. Is there something I should be deleting other than performing a full uninstall?

Setting files in users>yourname>appdata>local and roaming>kicad persist through re-installation

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