Schema button ERC issue

Hi all,

I added this switch to my schema(, using the footprint downloaded from mouser:

The switch has 4 pins, which I have connected up as I require.

When I perform an ERC, I get the following message:


For this given use of the switch:

Which to me is saying, that it doesn’t like the output of U1, which is 3v, being connected to pin 4, and that is then connected to pin 2 which is ground?

What is wrong with that? Have I made a mistake here?

For a switch, you should really define the pins as passive.

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Ok - so alter the symbol to fix this? This symbol was downloaded from the mouser website, so I can only alter (didn’t originally make it!)

Bidirectional is meant for pins that can be either push pull outputs or input depending on system state. Connecting a push pull output to a power line would create a short. This is why kicad compains here. (In other words the mouser symbol is simply wrong.)

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Yes, I would modify the symbol or make a new one.

Mouser library data is provided by Samacsys, I guess their data conversion is not optimised for Kicad.

All done, and it’s fantastic - works like a charm.

Thank you.

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