Saving the Electrical Rules Checker Options

Just to be sure, please confirm that although the table of the ERC options of a project could be changed temporarily, it cannot be saved permanently (for future sessions of a project).

Thank you.

It seems, so far, no one is sure about it :slight_smile:
I was expecting just a yes or no as an answer.

You are correct, unfortunately these settings are not saved right now.

This will be fixed as part of V6 development

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@craftyjon Thank you.

I guess, it would be better having two options, saving it as:
[1] a user global table (besides the official default one)
[2] or a user project table (located in the project folder)

The latter takes precedence.

The settings will be associated with a project, and you will also be able to load defaults or import them from a different project.

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Well, Importing it from a different project is also equivalent to having a user global one

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