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I usually create my own symbols, but occasionally I have modified one from the KiCad symbol library, and saved it to my own library. Somehow I can’t do that anymore. This is covered in the “official documentation”, the current ones dated April 2021, but that part is the same as what was there 3 years ago when I started with KiCad. Those icons/menu selections have not existed in version 5 that I have seen. What am I doing wrong?
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A problem with dates in the “official documentation” (which is a whole bunch of different files!) is that dates probably change each time a file is modified, but that does not mean that the whole document is current with that date. It may mean that just one small part of a single chapter has been changed at that date.

Currently the FAQ articles are the most up to date manuals for KiCad, and it’s also got a number of sub-subjects about library management:

The two links below are probably the most relevant for you.:

In short, the steps are:

  1. Open the symbol editor.
  2. Make sure you have a personal library in a location you can write to.
  3. Copy a symbol into your own library.
  4. Modify it as you like.
  5. Save your personal library.
  6. Add your personal library to the sym-lib-table file (Either global or project specific, KiCad has clickable menu’s for this).

If you can’t figure it out with this help, then tell us what steps you did and where you got stuck.

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Thanks, paulvdh. My problem was I was trying to modify the symbol before saving it to my library, and it wouldn’t let me. Wrong order.

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