Save Project as... Item in File Menu

I’m missing the normal “Save as…” function in 5.1.7.
A standard function in all other programs I know of.
This has apparently been discussed before (some years ago) with no conclusive answer.

Is it planned for future versions?
Why is it so difficult?

It’s already in the development version 5.99.

It was not trivial because it required more than just renaming some files. Here’s the issue report: Even after implementing it new bugs were found and fixed.

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That issue report seems to be more bickering than constructive development.

I’ve developed a workaround myself (which shouldn’t really be necessary…or?)

1: Open the schematic file of the project.
2: Select “File”, “Save current sheet as…”
3. Save .sch file under a new name/directory.
4: Close KiCad.
5: in a file manager, open the new .sch file. Kicad will open it and create a new .pro file.

Not intuitive, not simple, but it works.

Perhaps others can profit from my unprofessional approach here.

Yes, some users bickered because they didn’t like the fact that the feature didn’t exist already.

It’s not necessary in 5.99 now and in 6.0 when it’s released.

Renaming certain files has already been possible with a python plugin, and if simply renaming the project file, pcb file and schematic file had been enough for fully working renaming, the feature would have been added to KiCad earlier. But it doesn’t make sense to code a feature which would do only such a simple thing yet leave the more difficult to do things undone, like renaming some other files and updating the internal data which points to those files. After all, if renaming three files would be enough for high quality “save as” you really could do it manually. IMO it wouldn’t have made sense to add a half-working feature into KiCad in this case. Fortunately a developer took time to implement a fully working feature.

There’s of course nothing wrong or “unprofessional” in using a workaround if it’s enough for one’s needs, and many people have done it, I think. Most professionals (in all areas of life) have to use ugly or beautiful workarounds sometimes to get something done.

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