Save and paste block without designator reset

Is there any way to save and paste a schematic block without the designators being reset? I’d like to move some parts from one page to another in a multi page schematic.


Was there ever an answer to this question?

I have a block of voltage regulators on the top level of my hierarchy and I want to move it onto its own page. If I Save the block, Delete the block, and then go to the new page and Paste the block, it gets pasted with all its designators reset. This wouldn’t be a problem except I already have a partial layout done for the board. I suppose I could manually assign the designators back to their original values, but what about the net names? Do those need to be renamed as well? (It would seem so.)

Is there an easier way to do this? Or am I screwed as soon as I have a layout linked to the schematic?

For moving parts to a new page, you can copy the .sch file with the parts you want to another .sch file. Then add a new sheet and specify that file name. You’ll have duplicate parts and designators and can delete the unwanted ones.

That doesn’t really solve the overall problem of moving parts between pages. I’d love to see a “paste without designator reset” button and keyboard shortcut.