Runtime error with kicad v5.0.0 under windows 10


help me!!!

draw a schematic, but you can’t draw a PCB

KiCad version and OS ?

Looks similar to

Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB (x64)
kicad 5.0.0

Copy the version information in Help->About KiCad dialog. It’s more exact than self-written description.

For your information, the problem might be resolved in the just updated Windows installer.

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So the 5.0.0 on the website is changed from the original? I see the date is 25th July.
Why was this not 5.0.1?

good question. I would guess the version string did not update because the source code that got compiled is still the same. The change was in the build settings. (At least if i understand the discussion here correctly. I did not follow the mailing list conversation in detail.)

Another possible reason: Changing the version string for windows builds alone would look a bit weird to be honest.

Basically more or less that.

Linux distros handle this by doing things like 5.0.0-1 which could be done on windows but other factors make it annoying right now I think.

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