Running multiple versions of KiCad (Win10)

I have 4.0.7 installed and working well. I’d like to install 5rc2 as well, but without nuking 4.0.7

I downloaded kicad-r10378.6a2dc8d4e-x86_64.exe but when I run it, it says “KiCad is already installed. Installing this package will overwrite existing files.” ok/cancel. There doesn’t seem to be a way to point it at another directory.

Is there a way to make two version coexist on the same install? I guess I can always install 5 in a linux VM, but that’s annoying.

Hmm, how’s that possible? It’s not many weeks (or at least months) ago when I installed both on Windows, although it was x86 only. Either you didn’t look carefully enough into the installer or it has changed. I can take a look at it again later if the answer isn’t found.

In my machine (Win10, V5rc only) I continue from where you canceled and I get this screen:


It appears it will allow you to install V5 elsewhere, however I’m not sure if there will be other conflicts.


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Running them side by side was discussed here: Any ultimate Guide on how to use KiCad 4 and 5 on one System?

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