Run-a-way guessing?

I have KiCAD 5 running and my 2 sided 6 x 5" board is almost complete. (~250 components and growing) Some of the improvements are really cool. When I make a copper run, the software will make a guess and meander all over the board. Is there a way to tune that down? Also, when it shows the open nets, is there a way to get it to distinguish nets inside and outside my board parameters?


Not clear what you really mean here ? if you mean the shove router suggestions for path, every time you click, the segments suggested so far, are more locked down. So you can ‘tune that down’ by more frequent clicks, and not trying to cover very large distances between clicks.

I don’t think so. What is your use example ?

Where I’ve seen this request/usage would be where someone has multiple board panels, they intend too stack/3D assemble, and that come from a single project netlist.

Choices for the between-panel nets are to
a) route them on unused copper layer(s), so they keep DRC happy. That info is not sent to FAB :wink:
b) DRC now has a report all errors for tracks option, so you can tick that, then run and record ‘unconnects’ as eg 27 (being between panels nets), and write that on the PCB as a comment.
Future revisions should report the same 27, if they do not, you have some intra-panel slip-up.

When I put the CAD board together, I like group “likes” together such as power supplies. After I build the power supply, It would be nice to only see the rats nest inside the PCB real estate.

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