Rubber keypad button with LED symbol + footprint


I have a project for which I’ve cast my own silicone rubber keypad. It’s the regular type of keypad with conductive rings, just like the one pictured here:

Like pictured, they also feature a cutout in the center, with room for a 3 mm LED (two pins, no RGB or anything fancy like that). Therefore I want to create something along the lines of this:

Is this something that exists in the standard KiCad libraries, or do I have to create the schematic symbol and corresponding PCB footprint myself?

I expect you’ll need to create the footprint yourself, and maybe the symbol too.

KiCad v5 and later supports custom footprint designs pretty well. To create the interlaced spoke pattern shown in the Sparkfun tutorial you’ll want to create two custom pads, one for the outer ring and one for the inner ring, using the KiCad footprint editor’s “Custom Shape Primitives” feature.

Turned out there was a symbol, SW_Push_LED, that I was able to use. The footprint, however, I desgined myself. Should do the trick, I reckon.

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