Rubber band when moving parts?

I am trying to migrate from a ransomware design software to Kicad, but there is some fundamental things I need to know more about. First off all I find it difficult to move parts on the layout, since it looks like the routed tracks will not follow, and I have to change the track manually. In the software I am using now, there is a rubber band so the tracks will follow. This will, off course mean I have to move some of then afterwords, but that is easier than making new tracks.
Is there an option for this in Kicad?
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This will come with KiCad version 6 (expected sometime early next year)

Thank you so much, Rene! I just hope it will be available for 64 bit Raspberry OS too

KiCad is not officially supported for that OS. So any support will depend if the person currently handling this support will continue to do so.

(official support is limited to windows, mac os, fedora, debian, ubuntu, arch and for each of them only to the versions that are currently under support of their own organization)

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