RSS Feed or Email Alerts for KiCad Blog

It would be nice to have an RSS feed or email alerts for new posts on the Blog. I don’t see either of these features currently available, but maybe I missed something.

Eh there’s a rss feed. If you throw the blog url at most good rss readers, it’ll be able to extract the feed url from the html

Or at least, that’s how the internet worked long ago before rss became abandoned

Note: The feed is autogenerated and it should be fine, but no guarantees it won’t break one day

That works, thanks!

I don’t have much experience with RSS and didn’t realize that the reader could extract the RSS feed URL from the HTML. I just checked URL patterns I’ve seen on other websites, like and, and didn’t see anything.

Many blogs have an email alert feature, but, for those that don’t, RSS is nice to have.

We are privacy oriented and also lazy, we don’t want to be sysadmining a blog.

It can because there’s a special tag in there that says “hey, the rss feed is over there”

<link href="" rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="KiCad EDA" />

We will never be doing emails. We have no desire to sysadmin a blog to ensure it’s security and our entire site is static content and has no processing capability as a result. Too much of a legal headache especially with GDPR. Most people running blogs are usually just flippant about the legal repercussions in 2022.