Routing with shortest distance possible

Hi, i wanted to make rounded tracks and point to point routes, but it seems there’s no option to do that, the only option is the obsolete 45 degree integer multiple bend…
Does kiCad have the option for varying the bend types for tracks like this?

While drawing a track, right click and then select Track Corner mode to turn it to rounded corners.

This is persistent, so the next track will also have rounded corners.

KiCad also has a Round tracks plugin:

With this plugin almost all tracks can be rounded in a post processing step, and it works quite well.

The biggest disadvantage is that KiCad has a very limited set of functions that work with round track segments, and working with rounded corners takes more time during editing, especially when you want to make modifications afterward. I think it’s best to leave it at the default “multiple of 45 degree” during PCB development, and only round the corners for creating Gerber output. Going back from the rounded corners to sharp corners may be difficult, so do some experiments and draw your own conclusions.

Mixtela, the creator of that plugin has also created a very nice video about use and results of the plugin.


what a detailed reply, very nice, but ive seen the video, but assumed native suport might be available after V6 was released, but is there any way to make a track that goes point to point? just a straight line(with interractive routing)?

I have V6.
Have you tried in Preferences/Pcb Editor/Editing Options/Track Editing/Mouse drag track behavior set to “Drag (free angle)”.
I didn’t tried but sounds like can be what you need.

Or in Interactive Router Setup with Highlight collisions set the option “Free angle mode”.

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this is a workable work around, thank you!

Best I know, the Interactive router only uses multiple of 45 degree routing. No other angles, no arcs.

For straight but oblique lines you can grab an endpoint of a track with the g key and move it.

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