Routing tracks in a board corner with rounded corners


I’ve just run into this problem as I had a few breakout boards that I am working on that are on the small side. When I added arcs to the corners of my board on the Edge.cuts layer to round off the corners. When I attempt to lay a track near the corner now, it prevents me from placing a track anywhere near the corner as if the entire circle of the arc was drawn on the board outline. I posted a picture that I hope roughly gets across the meaning of what I am trying to convey. Wondering if anyone else has noticed this and any way around it? I am running Kicad 5.1.2 latest stable build on a 64bit windows machine.

there is a known bug that will be fixed in 5.1.3 (that will come out within a month or so) See:

Until then you can try Highlight Collisions mode in interactive router settings with Allow DRC violations turned on. At least in nightly builds it lets you draw tracks over edge lines. (The bug is already fixed in post-v5 nightly builds so I can’t say for sure if this is workaround for the bug.)

Ok, thanks for the reply!

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