Routing straight copper tracks

Is it possible to Route a straight track between two footprints? The attached shows auto generated “dog leg” tracks where straight tracks would be more appropriate. The grid is set to .001mm so I assume it is not snapping to the grid.

Yes it’s possible, the setting is in:
PCB Editor / Route / Interactive Router Settings / Options / Free angle mode (no shove / walkaround)

Note that you have to set the Mode to Highlight collisions for this option to be available and work.

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If you just want the occasional track changed, Hotkey “G” for drag to alter a previously drawn to 45 degree angle track.

Hotkey “D” for drag keeps the track at 45 degrees.

You may also get to the settings Paulvdh mentions by Right Click mouse on the Route Track Icon on the RHS of your screen.

I came back here to add that, but jmk beat me to it.

Many thanks for the perfect solution.

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