Routing: Sometimes adding a via allows me to continue on the other layer, sometimes I have to hit 'X' again

This has been bugging me for years and I can’t figure it out. I sure it has been asked and answered but I’ve searched and searched and can’t figure it out.

Sometimes when I am routing a tract, I add a via, click the mouse (well, touchpad button), and I can continue routing on the other side. Most of the time, I just drop a via and stop routing so I have to hit ‘X’ again. For the life of me I can’t figure out what is different one via to the next.

What is the secret?


When it stops routing, does it change layers or does it leave you on the original layer?

When you press V to place a via, double-clicking or shift-clicking will place the via and end routing without changing layers. Is it possible you’re shift clicking or double clicking without meaning to? Do you ever have problems with your touchpad click?

Thanks for the reply.
Of course, right now it is always working : hit V, click mouse, and I continue routing on the other side of the board as I want.

I am for sure not shift clicking but I might be accidentally double clicking. Perhaps I will experiment with the double click delay.


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My first guess would also be to blame it on the touchpad. I have not seen this behavior while using a mouse and I assume there are some small differences in the way a touchpad is handled. I also find the use of a touch pad (and presumably a small laptop monitor) horrible to work with. Especially with a graphically oriented program such as KiCad. Have you tried adding a mouse to your setup?

I agree touchpads are a pain, but I do most of my routing on the couch in front of the TV so a mouse is impractical.

Kicad has been like this for years.

If you left click to fix the trace while routing, press V, left click again to fix the via in place without moving the mouse, the trace is terminated at the via.