Routing question (Mac)

I have managed to create a symbol and associate a footprint. After trying to get freer outing.jar to work on my Mac for the past 2 days I have given up and am resorting to manual routing but am running into issues there. The idea is to connect all the same pins of the 14 segment displays (expect pin 12). Crossing tracks is possible only once, but as soon as I want to cross a red and a green layer I am out of luck.

Is this even possible?

If I do not get a proper PCB worked out I will have to solder 16x16 pins…

Many thanks.

How far did freerouter get? This might not be possible. You can switch layers. Drop a via to the other side and then come back up if needed.

I failed to get freerouter to work at all. :frowning:

You don’t seem to have taken advantage of vias. I believe that topologically speaking with vias it’s always possible to route, but in practice clearances may make it impossible.

Also did you try the latest version of freeRouting? The versions usually pointed to are really old and don’t work well or at all with recent Java interpreters. Miho has released recent versions. See if the ones here work for you.

Ah. I thought you meant it couldn’t work out a design either, not that it wouldn’t run at all. Hint. I did the same thing. When I finally got it to run I looked at the results and stopped using it anyhow. :wink:

That made me laugh - thanks hermit :slight_smile:

If you’re not restricted with area, it’s “doable” on a single layer. Get your lines of pins at the same order (e.g. PIN upper-left topmost, then upper-right, then 2nd-left etc)., and exit them in parallel to the right, over the top, down on the left and connect. Then all they can be routed without crossing each other.


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Without pin12

Over a year ago I did an experiment where I used KiCad as a “drawing program” instead of a “PCB Design” program. The goal was to use as much copy & paste as possible to make a design. It worked pretty well, better then I expected when I started the experiment.

You guys are amazing - I figured it out. Thanks a bunch!

In past I have written about my experience with automatic routing:

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