Routing mode - Remove last(s) segment(s)

I didn’t find this feature nether in Pcbnew nor in this forum request.

In routing mode, after placing some track segments, it may be usefull to remove last segment(s) to redraw them in another place (kind of live correction).

Thanks for the Kicad programming.
Regards, Pierre

If you activate the automatically replace traces mode (default) then you should be able to simply draw the new trace and kicad should delete the old one. If not file a bug report about that case.

Hello Rene,
What you describe is working on my computer. I’m talking about a slightly different feature.
On below image, start routing at point A, click on B C D to add segments, point E is following cursor.
The feature I speak about, is to undo last segment(s). For exemple with two undo, the cursor come back to point B. Then I could add new segments from point B.


With two undos the cursos should be in point C.

I have also thought the same sometimes. For example pressing backspace while routing could do that.

One problem in that is that it requires forced cursor warping and possibly panning, I don’t see any other way to do it. Not all developers (and users) like that and would rather like to get rid of all cursor warping if possible.

Hello eelik,
In my mind, cursor don’t move. It stays on point E. Two undos (backspace is a good exemple) should remove segments DC and CB. Then, the user have a free segment (or two free segments in order to respect 45° angle) from B to E.

That example is a bit strange to me. Do you really lay down traces with that much input from your side? Don’t you use the interactive router? (If i lay down traces most of the time i make two clicks. One to start the trace and one to end it. For very long traces i make a click sometime in the middle to fix it at that point as the interactive router struggles to do very long traces that must go around a lot of things.)

I then later come back in and drag segments around if necessary. (Seldom the case.)

Edit: additional clicks are of course necessary for every via added to the trace.

regarding warp: I would not put the cursor back to that point but simply remove the fixed point set on undo and let the interactive router do its work to find an alternative route to the current cursor position. The user can then go back to a different point if they do not like that alternative route.

The routing habit is personal, I think we could debate a lot ! :slight_smile:
I used this feature on others EDA with condensed boards. I feel the need on Kicad. Doing it directly during drawing is quicker than drag segments (from my habit).

This is a good summary of the request. :slightly_smiling_face:

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