Routing in multi-layer question

Hi there,
I got a problem in multi-layer routing.
here’s my routine for multilayer routing:

  1. route a track, click somewhere to fix the track as I want.

  2. when I have to change the track’s layer to continue routing,I press ‘v’.
    the mouse cursor turns into via. I press the mouse button to place a via,
    and then router’s layer has changed to another layer.

and here’s a question: to continue routing, I have to move the via
from where I lastely clicked to fix the track.
otherwise, routing mode ends as soon as via is placed. then I have to re-press the route button to
return to the router. I guess, the router exits routing mode by double-clicking the same place.

is there an option to avoid this feature? Thank you for taking the time to read.

Is the routing ended because your via connects to a filled zone on the same net ?

No, it isn’t. every routing ends when a via(which is automatically generated when switching layers while routing) is placed in the last fixed track’s end.(i.e., the last point I clicked on)

That doesn’t happen for me . . . I press V to add the via, place the via and then can continue routing the track on the other side of the PCB.

I have not my computer at hand now, but I guess here is the problem: place the via with “v” and continue the track without any other click

every routing ends when a via is placed in the last fixed track’s end

This is the current standard behaviour. No option to switch this feature off.