Routing in Groups

I’ve recently discovered grouping in KiCad Layout. Though its amazing it can be slow to double click and escape out of of groups to move traces around where some are in a group and others are not.

Does anyone know if there is a way to ignore grouping while not loosing the group associations?

I was creating a topic on feature request discussion to discuss this.

It will be good if the user can define which actions should respect the group properties. The user may wants to lock moving footprints inside a group without entering the group but could want to drag tracks without entering the group.

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Yeah, its quite a lot of work to go in and out of groups while routing. So based on your response it sounds like there is no way to currently turn off the grouping only for routing. I’m thinking about breaking the groups because its so much work. I’m not sure I really need the groups anymore since I don’t think I’ll be making big high level changes anymore and if I do need to I can always regroup later.

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