Routing for circular placement of components

Hi all,
I want to connect these 10 in-amps in parallel. To acheive a uniform amplification, it is crucial that the trace lengths from my signal input (zener diode D2) to the in-amps’ inputs are very similiar. I thought about placing the in-amps in a circular configuration but now I am not really sure how to connect them. If it was a single-ended input signal, I might just have placed a pad in the middle of the circle and then routed star-like to the in-amps’ inputs but the input signal is differential (SigFilt+ and SigFilt-).

I did not find another example of a configuration like this till now. Maybe someone has a suggestion how to do the best routing in this case?


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Do one star (for the +) on the top and another star (for -) on the bottom.

Yes, that is a good idea, I will try that thanks! I hope that it does not effect the common-mode rejection negatively since traces then do not run next to each other.

I’m not sure the second set of in amps makes sense if your primary goal is maximizing common mode reduction. You are right that you probably want to keep differential pairs together(though the physical distance isn’t so long). I think the cleanest way might just be lots of layers with length and impedance matching as much as possible.

This is assuming a perfect source that won’t get loaded down by many in amps connected directly.

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