Routing layer with In1.Cu layer? (Freeroute)


Dear Kicad Member,

I want to route pin 33 to 48 using and, how can I define it on Design Rules ? or something else ?
Please have a look on capture,



You would begin a trace on the first pin, place a via where required (right click) route on the inner layer to where you want the other via, place it and route to the second pin you wish to join to?

If you want to restrict certain nets to certain layers. Unless the nightly versions added it, I’m only aware of design rules catering to clearances, not which layers a net is restricted to

By default it will be through board Via’s,


How can I use auto free router for it?


Please have a look on the captured screen,

after that step, can it be routed automatically with F.Cu and In1.Cu setting,

it can be done on every pads, if I want to set which layer into which layer ?
So the first time I need to define manually first ?


Another captured screen, after that, can it be routed automatically ? with F.Layer.Cu with In1.Cu?


I personally do not know, I have never used Kicad’s Autorouter feature, Equally as it appears your connecting to a High speed ARM chip, it likely would not result in a good outcome, (for one thing your missing a ton of passive components like decoupling capacitors, pull up / pull down resistors, etc)

Autorouters are not magic, they find a solution, not always a good one,

Based on the ratsnest i would appear your planning to interface to the arm chip using the 16 bit parellel inteface of the Atmega128, Depending on your data rate you will likely need similar lengths on each trace, something an autorouter is poor at,