Rounded corner PCB?

Dear Kicad member,
How can I make rounded corner PCB?

Use an Arc on Edge.Cuts layer.

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Or even better design your board outline in any cad program and import the resulting dxf file. Search this forum about pcb_new dxf import to see how you can do it.


Or even better, use the new Stepup tool to manipulate the edge cut directly inside freecad sketcher :slight_smile:


Hi @Shack
thx for pointing out it!
ATM this is a feature not available in StepUp till the new release will come out…
I’m working on the WB option, so the release is delaying a bit :wink:

Now it is available
here the thread


Here’s a video that shows how to:

How can I relate it with keep out layer ? so my polygon pour is not going outside keep out layer …

Keep out layer
I made it and, will the outside polygon printed ? I haven’t generated the gerber yet, I limit with edge cut layer and keep out layer,


Then how about doing just that do see what happens? Then report back with what the difference is between what you expected and what you got.

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