Rounded copper pours

Is it possible to use arcs and circles to make copper pours please ?


Yes, it’s possible. It’s easy but, there is no drawing Tool with shapes to do it.

Best approach (IMO) is to:

  1. Know if there will be any Non-Filled zones. If yes, then do them first.

  2. Create Guide Lines (use desired layer and set Grid to small value or, even better, use Hot-Key to stop snapping. Thus, able to freely draw-trace shapes.
    Trace the desired lines/shape for Non-FIlled zone (if having any) using the Keep-Out tool with proper check-box settings

  3. Using similar approach with Guide Lines, trace the Filled-zone using the Fill Zone tool.

Results can be very smooth curves, depending on your tracing effort…
Example below shows Partially drawn with some small connected traced lines and bigger ones…

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thanks, will give it a go.

Finishing up the example…

Say you want a No-Pour zone with a Cutout… Same process as described but, with the traced lines for cutout on the Edge Cuts layer, the Fill zone with lines on DWG (simply a users preference)

Results in 3D viewer….

On 5.99 (future 6) it is easy to import a DXF to a copper layer and fill around it. You will need to do some experimentation with scaling.
Screenshot 2021-06-15 at 11.52.34 Screenshot 2021-06-15 at 11.52.50

Might also be worth taking a look at

depending on what you are trying to achieve.

there is an option also on StepUp

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