Rotative input selector footprint search

Hello. I’m totally newbye
I’m doing a copy of an old audio input selector pcb, and it is my first time with kicad and pcb design.
So, please:
where could i find schema and footprint of this rotative selector? There is a no-default library?
I’m only interested about schematic and foot print.
If not, there is in some library some defaluts library selector l could modify, with some sufùggestion?

If this is LORIN compatible rotary switch then you could utilize my footprint.
LORINCK1049.kicad_mod (2.5 KB)

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I don’t see anything in the standard libraries, nor general web search. Do you have a part number? Sometimes you can find one that way.

I would suggest though creating your own symbol. If you start with switches:SW_SP3T you can extend it for as many poles as you need, setting the pin numbers as needed.

The footprint is a little more tricky, you might need to calculate the pad positions via formula x = cos(a) * r, y = sin(a) * r

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or use the python footprint generator scripts: (Of course you still need to use this formula in python. But you don’t need to enter the coordinates yourself.)

You could also use the footprint generator wizard for that. There is a circular pad array wizard. (I use the development version of KiCad. Small details might differ in the stable version.)

The wizard itself looks like this. Simply enter your desired parameters. (The footprint preview updates automatically.) When you are done export the footprint.

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I keep forgetting these new-fangled features


As i wrote i’m totally newbie.
Thanks a lot, L’ll study next days
I’ll would make this and, it’s very difficult, IMHO for selector, and for four ground plane, and Tyco Amp connector…

Is that an Eagle project? If you have the Eagle source file, it can be converted to KiCad.

No, this is only an image, out of scale, of the pcb. Te old modeli is that

@ keruseykaryu thanks for model
@ bobc txs, in my kicad i don’t find switches:SW_SP3T
@Rene_Poschl great, txs

Ehm…how can i draw a schematic of this selector if i have only footprint?

Unfortunately the libs are a moving target, might be called SP3T, could be in device or switches.

It’s easy enough to draw from scratch though.

Generic answer : Use CONN_01xnn where nn is the number of pins

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As soon as you can! :smiley:
OK. Below library contain only 30deg indexing switches. The RS3-4 needs a 3-pole version of my footprint (I do not have it in the library because it has not been drawn so far).
rotary_switches.lib (8.4 KB)
All other indexing versions you can draw yourself by cloning and pins renumbering. See for other possible schemas.


Now, this is my experiment (ridicolous).
Some problem, between others…

  1. conn_01x04 : i need molex, but in footprint these are recognized like pinstrip
  2. in my library there aren’t RCA female plug, only BNC
  3. as in picture above, RCA are simply screwed on PCB - so they must be in scheme, or a simple 5 mm hole is mandatory?
  4. thanks to keruseykaryu i have SW1 footprint. but for a misunderstanding i cannot associate footprint wint component.
    I know this is too much, i’m sorry, but all seems counterintuitive to me

You mean in cvpcb?
The footprint filter for conn_01x04 (or all conn_##x##) connector is set to show only the pin strip footprints when the symbol filter is selected in cvpcb.
Deselect this filter and select the number of pins filter. (And maybe even the by selected library filter.) To reduce the number of suggested footprints. (Screenshot from development version. The keyword filter option does not exist in the stable version of KiCad. Other details might also differ.)

For your molex connectors: Select Connectors molex in the left most column, set the filter to by libray and by pin number. Choose your footprint. (If your molex connector does not yet exist you might need to make it. But there are lots of molex connectors already in the library.)

If you do not have a Connectors_Molex library get back to us, we will give you the directions on how to add it. (I don’t want to confuse you here with to much unnecessary information.)
Just a hint: footprint library wizard in footprint editor or pcb_new.

Old thread, I know. I’m new too and got here searching for a footprint for 2x6 rotary switch. I just wanted to point out other schema in the library that could be easily edited: SW_Rotary2x6 or SW_Rotary12. I don’t know if it was added after 3/2017, but there it is!

I’m making a breakout for a switch because I can’t solder worth a darn. I’m using a cheapo generic switch. Advice on the thread is very helpful! Thanks and cheers!

Those *&^%$#@! ancient threads…

In 2020 you can make use of the regular expression like and multiple keyword search by first pressing “a” in Eeschema and then typing “switch” [space] “position” which gives an overview of switches which have the keyword “postion” somewhere in the description: