Rotating a block in PCBNEW makes the rats nest disappear?

I am so I am not sure what is expected behavior.

When you rotate, delete, or mirror a block, the rats next disappears. If you zoom in and out its still gone. F3 does not bring it back. Rats nest for component and board are both set to SHOW.

Only by moving another footprint does it re-appear again.
Seems odd?

Using 4.0.2 stable on Windows 10.

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What canvas? Default or OpenGL? I assume Default, as I remember this kind of behavior…

Yes Default.
Which mode do you use for routing?

I find the other modes are missing half of the features which default has, and even though the other modes look much nicer, one can’t work with them.

I also found the big giant cross cursor sometimes disappears.

I didn’t get used to the hotkeys/behavior of OpenGL yet, so I use Default, but OpenGL is the future, not Default - eventually I’ll have to switch as well :wink:

To make the ratsnest appear again I also use to move a footprint and just cancel the operation afterwards… little annoying, but works.

The cursor lines, that cross the whole sheet are not my cup of tea, I use the normal cursor only.

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Thanks for the insight.

I find the giant cursor cross tool is useful for aligning components, and measuring distance, and drawing bounding boxes quickly. Turn it off when wanting to seeing the rats nest more clearly though.