Rotated symbols [SOLVED]

I just started using Kicad a couple of weeks ago, so I don’t know everything about the tool. I couldn’t see this topic here so I’d like to ask others.
Is there a way to rotate a symbol and have the text rotate also, or create an alternate symbol that’s already rotated? Resistors and capacitors are placed in either rotation and are fine in one direction but aren’t so convenient when rotated.

Rotating a symbol is done by hovering the mouse over the symbol and pressing R.
Also: if you want to rotate a text field: simply do the same but above the text.
When rotating a symbol the text rotates in such a way that it stays readable.
(This means rotating the symbol by 180 degree does not rotate the text by 180 degree. But rotating the symbol by 90 degree rotates the text by 90 degree.)

Edit: Here a image series that shows how rotating works. I rotated the symbol each time by pressing R:

I guess I meant to say ‘rotate a symbol but have the text not rotate’ so the text will always remain horizontal.
I’m coming from PADS and it has the ability to have more than one symbol. Kicad allows second symbols for DeMorgan equivalent but doesn’t seem to provide any for rotated symbols.

It is only a “problem” if you have many symbols that are the same.

If i need a rotated part

  • i get it from the lib,
  • rotate it,
  • place the text fields in such a way that they look nice
  • for every symbol with the same rotation i simply copy this one.

You could also create your own rotated symbol and name it (symbol name)-rotated. Then you can simply place this symbol. But you might get in trouble if you want to change the rotation after you already started with your board in pcb_new.

I guess I could use your first suggestion. Thanks.

It looks like, at least with KiCad 5.0, that text remains horizontal when rotating now. Complaining does indeed lead to a better world, well done!