Rotate pin number and pin description in v8

Hi, this topic has ben around a while (c.2018 v5.xx). Follow latest here. From what I can tell from my efforts last night it may still not have got to the new v8. It’s not documented in the blog summary but I also know that list is not exhaustive.

Can anyone point me to a key combination or such that I may have missed.

nothing missed, there is no pin number rotation in v8.

OK, Thx for confirming. I seems such a shame that KiCad needs a fudge workaround for what to me I’d categorise as basic intuitive functionality. I really don’t mind all KiCad’s idiosyncrasies and such like. They work how they’re designed to work and overall v8 is a huge leap ahead from even just a few years ago.

Anyway, I do note that to implement this function will be a redesign of the core data structure and all the associated tools that use that data in different ways. No small task.

For others reading this if it’s not known - set the text size to 0 in the symbol editor of either or both the pin numbers and pin text. Then replace with your own free text and place as you see fit. Default colours (on my system) are Teal (#006464FF or RGB 0,100, 100) and the pin numbers are Dark Red (#A90000FF, RGB 169,0,0). I tend to leave the pin and it’s bar as is and change the size of the symbol shape so the bars join up graphically and the pins stay on the grid (rotated in whatever way makes sense). Do make sure you change the pin numbers in the symbol properties to the correct numbers of the device even though you can’t see them. They remain important for the PCB layout.

Make sure you deselect the ‘Common to all body styles’ in the text properties dialogue otherwise you’ll get you text leaking through to units B, C &c.

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