Rotate items in the Schematic Library Editor


I need to rotate some items in the schematic library editor, but I dont find an option for it…

is there any particular reason for this?

Thank you!!!


OS, KiCAD version, …?

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Hey! awesome!! I was trying to select one particular element, and then,
rotate it… i didnt know that the block has a different menu!

anyway, why there is no an option when you select a single element?

Javier Loureiro Varela

I have no idea, really. I’m just a user as you are :grin:

I was going to report it in launchpad, and IU found that it is in the
buglist since… 2011

Javier Loureiro Varela

Then it’s probably in the to hard to solve in the old-framework corner.
I bet they will take care of it when they refurbish EEschema.