Ring shaped pad in Kicad V6?

In Kicad V5 there used to be a context menu option “Create pad from selected shapes”.
In Kicad V6 that option is gone and I can’t figure out how to create a ring shaped pad. Any hints?

I don’t know v5, but this is my workflow for such tasks in v5:

  1. draw the shape of the “special pad” on F.copper layer. (in your case: draw a simple circle with 0.6mm line-width, radius 1.35mm)
  2. put a smd-pad on F.copper next to this drawed shape. (for instance with 1mm distance)
  3. in the pad-parameter-dialog: set this pad to a small dimension (I take mostly a round pad with 0.2mm) set the correct pad-number. close pad-parameter dialog
  4. select the pad, RMB-click → context-menu → Edit Pad as graphic shapes. Look at the infobar at the top of the window.
  5. you are now in a special pad-editing mode where you can add any shape to the pad. The special shape was already drawn in step 1. Now you have to move the pad onto the drawn shape (the circle from step1).
  6. close the special “Pad edit Mode” with another RMB-click–>context-menu–>Finish Pad Edit Mode. The Pad and the shape are united, you now have your special pad.
  7. save and have a nice day

Thank you, this did the trick!

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