Ridiculously big silkscreen symbols


I think something went wrong scaling several footprints of the symbols library. It’s just impossible to choose a normal sized symbol for at least the KiCad-Logo, Polarity_Center and RoHS-Logo. Shown below are the smallest and biggest available polarity symbols.

Sizes are correct if measured for the height, but it’s almost certain they were intended for the width, although it’s hard to imagine somebody will ever benefit from symbols spanning 40 mm. Maybe it’s better to skip those oversized symbols anyway.


might be the persons you want to talk to.
More direct would be to log into github and open up some bug-report for the libs.
The appropriate persons will be notified immediately then.

PS: IMHO there might be use cases and if the size is part of the footprint name/ID I don’t see a big problem, the data can’t take up much space either.


Sorry, I’m not familiar with this and I do not see how I can do this.


I don’t have a lot of time currently to look into it. But i created an issue over at the appropriate github repo:


Some logo symbols were never intended to go on a real PCB, being created for demo purposes.
The barrel connector polarity symbol is fairly clearly a mistake.
Not modified for one year though. Could this be an Imperial/Metric error?


The symbols where generated with a consistent height not width in mind.
So yes they are purposely created this way. The original contributor mentioned that he might create smaller symbols in the future but is unsure how small they can get to be still readable.


Naive question: How come the canvas does not allow for rising those footprints in place, directly after inserting them in pcbnew?