RI-STU-MRD2 kicad symbole

When I can found the symbole of texas instruments (RI-STU-MRD2)

Since this is an assembled module I don’t think you will find a symbol or footprint for it. Your best/only option is to make your own. It isn’t hard. There are a few french speaking members of the forum that might be able to offer some assistance if language in a barrier.

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To save the link from getting broken:

There are many such modules and breakout boards, an there are not many of such modules in KiCad itself. You may have some luck if you comb through the Ti website, but I would not bother.

It is a very simple module with two rows of pins in a standard 2.54mm pitch, and therefore easy to make a schematic symbol and footprint yourself.

For the schematic symbol you can use the datasheet as an example:

Source: https://www.ti.com/lit/ug/scbu049/scbu049.pdf?HQS=dis-mous-null-mousermode-dsf-pf-null-wwe&DCM=yes&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.mouser.it%2F&distId=26

And for the footprint, you can use the wizard for DIL packages:
Footprint Editor / File / Create Footprint / S-DIP

Entering the texts for the schematic symbol is probably the most time (10 minutes?) and the footprint can also be done in a few minutes. The first few times you do this it will take a bit more time to get acquainted with the schematic symbol editor and footprint editor, but those are quite good and have very similar working GUI’s to the rest of KiCad and are easy to learn. It’s just not worth searching the 'net for things as simple as this.


I am a beginner in electronic design so I put some stupid questions thanks to all
I succeeded to realize it is too easy as what you were told tahnk you

We all start somewhere. This stuff gets easier as it starts to make sense. It just takes a little patience. Bonne chance with your project. :smiley: