RFM69CW part and footprint

I’m trying to use the transceiver module RFM69CW in my project. That’s different from the already existing RFM69HCW, but it’s similar (14 instead of 16 pins, different positions).

So I tried to design it, based on the existing one. I could create a new part library (after googling how that works) but then I failed to copy the HCW part into it. Every time I copy&paste it, I get numerous other parts as well that I didn’t even select. When I directly use the command “save to…” then I still get another additional part with it. And when I edit the new copy, three or so parts will be marked as modifed (one of them in the read-only default library which I can never save). So that doesn’t work, KiCad doesn’t let me create that part unless I probably start from scratch.

Then I tried to find an existing part on the web but couldn’t find any.

Can somebody please explain me how I should do that? The obvious explanations from YouTube tutorials don’t work here. I have KiCad 5.1.9 on Windows 10.

Next I’ll also need the matching footprint for it but I haven’t started looking for it yet. If somebody is interested in learning about these RF modules, here’s the website.

Those other parts that “also get copied” are not different parts, but just aliases.

So you almost did everything right (creating a library, copying an existing part into it). The only extra step (before / during / after) editing is to delete the aliases:

Symbol Editor / Edit / Properties / Aliases (tab)

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