RF Tools on Mac OSX using version 5.1.6

Hi I was wondering if anyone is using a Mac with version 5.1.6 and has got the RF Tools to work. On version 5.1.5, it worked fine however when I upgraded to version 5.1.6, I cannot seem to get kicad to load the tools, Any help would be greatly appreciated. Note I have downloaded the latest version of the RF Tools

unfortunately my mac has gone… I don’t have any OSX machine available…
maybe some user with a mac (like @John_Pateman) could peek in

Looks OK to me - I have just tested this is on 5.1.6 on macOS 10.13. (Minimal functional test only)

The versions I have are -

Via Fence 2.1
Rounder 2.1
Solder Mask expander 1.7


Thank you for replying John and for your help Maurice, I did a complete uninstall and reinstalled kicad and copied the tools across to kicad and now I have it working again. Your help was much appreciated.