RF power transistor cut out

I am making a footprint for a push pull RF power mosfet
The transistor source flange sits in a rectangular routed hole in the PCB and four rectangular SMD pad around the hole for the leads.
As KiCad does not allow Edge Cuts in a footprint, what is the best way of dealing with this?

Hi @davidsrsb
you may find this thread useful

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KiCad doesn’t allow you to draw edge cut in footprint editor but if you draw it on pcb and then copy-paste it into your footprint with text editor it will work a-o-k :wink:

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I have raised this as a wishlist.
Edge cuts in footprints was stopped because they were being used for edge connectors and there was no way to merge the board outline into an exactly complete polyline.
My usage is common in the RF world and should be easier to achieve

Support for the edge cuts layer is in progress. However the decision how it will be implemented was too late for version 5.

Oval through hole could also be enough in some situations if the half-circle endings instead of almost-square don’t waste too much space.

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