RF Plugin - Problems with installation

I’m having trouble installing the RF plugin completely.

The “VIA Fence” function does not work because a pyclipper python module is missing.
Can you help me please? How can it be installed?
I work with Kicad 7.0.10 and Windows 10

There are many ways to install python resources - perhaps the most popular is Homebrew.

Searching ‘Homebrew’ for pyclipper brings up Clipper - I don’t know if that’s what you want. Perhaps there’s info at location where downloaded your RF plugin…

ADDED: Pyclipper is a wrapper for Clipper. You can download Pyclipper from Github. Search for it there…

Thank you very much, it works now.
I started KiCad in the command prompt in the Windows start menu in administrator mode. Then I entered the following:
pip install pyclipper


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