RF for Newbie! from the 'hacker-designer' of HackRF some pcb tips!

Thanks to Michael Ossmann and Hackaday.com it is possible to learn some RF tips directly from the ‘hacker-designer’ of HackRF! :smile:

I’m very happy also because I switched to KiCad when I discover HackRF board and I thought: “That’s great! KiCad is affordable for complex design!”
Then when I developed my kicad StepUp tools to convert KiCad pcb and parts to STEP, I used exactly HackRF as my first board to be converted in STEP and displayed in Catia!


It would be nice if kicad could have stackup definition integrated.
I mean a more detailed one with thicknes and dielectric parameters.
Name of weaves and epoxies.
So you could extract a definition to the pcb manufacturer.
It also helps for impedance calculations versus your trace width.
If in the future you get to specify trace constraints, like impedance, delays, grouping of traces with respect to clock.
Constraints editor.

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and here an other nice RF project done in kicad

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