Revised; Is block move/drag (TAB HOTKEY) a bit broken in version 6 or just the way I am using it?

For the life of me, I cannot find a way in v6 to perform the old Hotkey TAB block move/drag function in schematic editor where it would automatically stretch/shrink (rubberband) wires. The replaced block drag or move do not reproduce the same as the old block version as it does not rubberband. I hav3 searched the hot keys but cannot find this function as it was in v5.

Have you tried first selecting (highlithing) a block and then press g?

It works for me in KiCad V6.0.
In KiCad V6.99 there is also a posibility to drag parts while maintaining the connection wires horizontal and vertical.

I found the problem—

The issue I was having was when doing a block drag away from an adjacent symbol it works. But when doing a drag towards another symbol the wires do not shorten but their ends will just drive into through the adjacent symbol. I was doing a top-right down block select and was getting a bit of the wires in the selection so for some reason they will not shorten. If I individually select all items and create the block that way, it works correctly.

Executive summary:
If you do a block select and include any wire connections in the block, the wires will stretch properly if moving away but will not shorten if moving closer

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