Reveal Copper Pour (solved)


Hi Guys,

I think I’m being dense. I’ve searched for an answer to this but I can’t find the answer or the question asked like this;

I’m trying to reveal parts of the copper on the edge of a board. This is with a view to soldering it directly to a screening can. I have already defined a copper pour for the entire board. What I want to do is selectively reveal areas. I’ve tried selecting the F.Mask layer, then Add Filled Zones, draw a rectangle and it doesn’t reveal anything.

this is the result - Nothing. Keepout is not useful because it only includes Tracks, Vias and Copper.

Any ideas? Is it possible? (I’m sure I used to do it in Eagle).


What happens if you simply select the “F.Mask” layer as the active layer, then place a graphic line on it? (Be sure to also make the F.Mask layer visible, so you can see the line you draw!)

Or, define a footprint (call it something like “Solder_Atch_Pad”) consisting of a single SMT pad of a suitable size, then place a few instances of this footprint on your board as needed. You’ll have to define the pad as being part of the GND net, but you’ll be able to add thermal relief spokes to make soldering a little easier. Be careful whenever you re-import the netlist, since KiCAD likes to send “extra” footprints, and single-pad nets, to the bit-bucket.



What layer is you copper zone on?
What kicad version are you using?

In kicad 4.0.2 it works as expected. (I placed a copper zone on and another zone on f.mask) If your zone is on the back then you need to put the mask cutout on b.mask. (6.4 KB)

This of course only works for outher copper layers. Inner layers will always be covered by the board it self. (Manufacturers can not create a board where inner copper is exposed.)


Hi Dale,

The version I’m using is 4.0.5, I’m about to upgrade to '.06 but I’d like to sort this first. I’d also rather be more flexible and be able to define areas to reveal ad-hoc instead of defining pads.



Hi Rene (And Dale),

See, I said I was being dense :slight_smile: I didn’t have ‘Show Zone Filling’ switched on in the 3D viewer. Sorry. Thanks for your help anyway guys, that would have had me stumped for ages!


So try simply drawing graphic items (lines, circles, text, etc) on the appropriate Mask layer. Remember, the Mask layers are displayed with a NEGATIVE transmission sense: the displayed colors should show you where the soldermask will NOT be placed.



Cheers Dale, see my reply to Rene above.


Too many people talking at once. My voice went flat, trying to slip a word in edge-wise.