Reusung templates of layout designs

In my projects, I reuse a lot of modules from older projects.

Let’s say we develop 6 new computers.
We have three different CPUs:

  • low power,
  • medium power
  • pro version

and two different port configurations

  • 4x USB, HDMI, Ethernet and an analog audio output
  • 2x USB and an HDMI port

Now we can generate 6 computers: all CPU versions with each port configuration.

Is there a tool in KiCAD so that one only has to design the layout for each module (HDMI, Ethernet, USB, low power CPU, …) once and let a script/plugin copy all the template layouts into one file?
Then the designer only has to arrange the modules and connect a few data busses and power connections. The tool has to make sure the connection between each symbol and footprint still valid.

Suggested workflow:

  1. Generate a new git repo with a new KiCAD project in it (e.g. pro CPU version with a lot of ports).
  2. Add all reused templates as git submodules to the git repo.
  3. Design a schematic that just connects the few lines between hierarchical subsheets. These sheets contain the modules.
  4. Run a script that generates one PCB file including all the module template layouts
  5. Place the templates and connect them with a few tracks.

This would speed up my workflow a lot.

At the moment it is not possible, but it is planned for v7 (at least a version of it), meaning that now it would be a great time to go over at gitlab, look at what is planned and maybe provide some feedback and give it the thumbs up.

Ok thanks, I will look for that.

Or probably implement it in a python script.

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