Reusing a PCB outline (edgecut) for multiple PCBs

Hi everyone
In my project I need to have three (or more) PCBs stacked one on top of the other in as a “sandwich construction”. For this, each PCB obviously must not only have same outline (edgecut) but also all signal connectors between the stacked PCBs and mounting holes have to be absolutly congruent.

Of course this can be achieved with patience and diligence by accurately measuring, corner rounding and placement of mounting holes etc. on each PCB. But, if possible I would like to avoid this non productive procedure for each PCB individually,

My question: Is there an easy way to duplicate the PCB outline including mounting holes etc. from one circuit to the next?
In other wordsm can´t I prepare say first circuit (project) up to the PCB statge and then duplicate it as a new project, change/ modify the circuit, create new netlist and proceed to PCB layout. Would this project duplication keep the old PCB outline, mounting hole location etc?

Thanks for your kind help/suggestions in advance
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You can open two instances of KiCad, open two projects and copy/paste between two pcbnew windows.

You can also create a template project which is meant for this kind of use case. I don’t use templates so I don’t know about the details.

Hi eelik.
Thanks for the suggestion. I will try this.

But kindly allow me another question, Is it possible to invoke an existing project and the store it with “save as” option under a different name? Wouldn´t that be the easiest way?
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Save As has been added to the development version, it’s not in 5.1.

I have prepared the ‘empty’ project for each of DIN RAIL mounted cases I plan to use. The ‘empty’ means it contains only edge.cuts + case informations (for example the places of openings for terminal blocks) at Dwgs.User and pcb dimension lines at Cmts.User.
The ‘real project’ I start by copying one of those projects with new name to new folder.

Very recently there was a thread about templates here.
The general idea is:

  1. KiCad / Preferences / Configure Paths and set: KICAD_USER_TEMPLATE_DIR to an empty directory of your choice.
  2. Copy some existing KiCad projects into that directory.
  3. Your projects should show up under: File / New / Project from Template / User Templates.

There are a few extra steps involved, so read:

You can import a dxf file as a outline and move it to any layer. You could design the dxf in another graphics program or you could plot the dxf file within KiCad. ie You design one board, plot the dxf file of the edge cuts (note you need to go to the plot menu and choose dxf as the format) and import it into your next project. I would suggest that you also mark your connector positions on a second layer perhaps DwgsUser and also import that so that you can align your connectors.

Thank you so much to all of you. I am really overwehlmed by your responses,
So there seem to be more than just possibility to realise what I intend to do,
I plan to try these to find out the best one to my taste.

Thanks again and best regards

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