Restore sch after crash


This is for version 4.0.6-e0-6349~53~ubuntu16.04.1 (still wondering: why the usual behavior of mouse buttons is not allowed in the kicad?, I can’t copy this!)
I have a crash today (it was while I was selecting a cooper path in pcb, with I, and I can’t repeat it), and sadly I didn’t save my last changes on time.
But when I open the file again kicad asked me if I want to restore to previous version, I misunderstood the question and answer no, he didn’t ask again after close-re open. How I can tell kicad to re asking me this question?
I saved the .net file before the crash with the last changes on it, the pcb also have it, there is a way to restore the sch from the .net?

This button doesn’t exist in the linux version?

No idea on that one, but check the project folder for .bak files and make a copy of them right away.
If there is anything from before the crash it’s those files.
You can rename them to .sch and use them normally.

Not that I know, but maybe someone else has done it… wouldn’t get my hopes up though.

not in the version 4, I have it in the vesion 5
but in linux (kde here) we usually have the posibility to copy most of the text from any dialog (I don’t know if this days you can do as well in winwdows, I don’t use windows in looooong time), also the triple click (select whole phrase) don’t works in kicad neither middle button (rapid paste the selected text from other window)

no luck here too, the bak is from yesterday, also tried to restore the files from filesystem but too late, the sector was rewriten :frowning: