Resolved - Regarding Rule Checks power outputs tied together

There are several parts I’m trying to get through the rule check process. Common issue

Using DVR8833 drivers. The device allows connecting A1 output to B1 output so to double the driver current. The library symbol has Power Output type pin. So an error is generated. What is the correct pin type?

Is there a way to attach images of symbol and schematic instance?

I think setting the pin type of one of the outputs to “passive” is the usual solution.

A “real” solution would require KiCad to know that you are paralleling the outputs, which also requires paralleling the inputs etc. This would in turn require KiCad to have knowledge of the internals of your DRV8833 (And all other IC’s in the libraries), which is a bit much to ask.

According to your profile you have 26 minutes of “read time”, I think you gain more privileges and can upload files when you have 1/2 hour of read time, but I’m not sure of the exact numbers.

Symbols in the official library are made for the generic usecase. If you do use the part in a different usecase then you will need to make a project specific symbol.

In this case i suggest to make a symbol where your two power outputs (as well as the two inputs) are stacked. This is the way to tell KiCad (ERC) that two pins are directly connected.
See Electrical type of schematic symbol pins (KiCad 4 and KiCad 5) section Connecting Multiple (Power) Output Pins

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Passive on one of the outputs does take care of it. I’ll look through the Electrical type of schematic symbol pins

For the driver instance outputs it makes more sense to define as bi-directional given that is the actual behavior, sometimes sink and source current.

Now I having issue with power and gnds…

The +5V power and +3.3V is supplied by a passive pin connector. Same for Digital GND. Then there is another connector type providing battery power + and - .

Is the solution to copy these library symbols into my own library for this purpose and edit them?

For the +5V and +3V3 nets, are you getting the error “pin connected to some other pins but not driven by any pin” ?

This is normally handled by using the PWR_FLAG symbols. Plenty of info on this forum (including FAQ) about this.

Not driven by any pin.

What I did… copied the connector parts and made the copies specific to actual power sources. Solved all but one issue, GNDA not driven by any pin.

The reason. There are two DC Voltage devices that share a common ground, GNDA.

So I need two symbols. One with a power output on GNDA and one with passive output on GNDA so to avoid the multiple drive error.

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