[RESOLVED] Advice on designing Arduino Nano baseboard


I have an arduino nano and I’ve created a simple footprint for it and was wondering if anyone can give me suggestion whether I’m doing this right or wrong ?.

I’m attaching the footprint file to this post.

Appreciate the help

NanoBaseboard.kicad_mod (1.7 KB)

The nano has 15 pins on each side; it is definitely not obvious how your thru-holes match to nano pins. Your pitch is also wrong; the nano uses 0.1-inch pitch (2.54mm) but you only have 2.5mm; this will make it impossible to correctly insert the header. I can’t remember what the space between the header rows are so I can’t comment on that. Is there some special reason your pins are so far from (0,0)? At least use some marks on the silk layer or other layers to indicate the orientation and positioning of the nano and maybe marks on the Comment layer so there is no confusion about which pin is what.

You’ll probably find the Arduino Nano symbol and footprint here, here or here.

Thanks. Found the footprint for the nano on this site http://smisioto.no-ip.org/elettronica/kicad/kicad-en.htm.

Thanks for the reply. Will compare with the one I download from the link that Anool has pointed.